North Central London Training Hub homepage

Executive team

Michael Fox

Executive Lead, NCL Training Hub

Laura Lucas

Programme Director

Clinical leads

Sarah Morgan

NCL Training Hub Clinical Lead

Timothy Green

Lead for Quality and Faculty Development

Thivyan Thiruudaian

Clinical Lead, Barnet Training Hub

Alpesh Patel

Clinical Lead, Enfield Training Hub

Anthony Kerman

Clinical Lead, Islington Training Hub

Russell Hearn

Clinical Lead, Haringey Training Hub

Programme Managers

Carolyn Matthews

Haringey Training Hub and Workforce Development Lead

Mandy Claret

Programme Manager, Barnet Training Hub

Murat Ozcelik

Camden Training Hub, Programme Manager

Bethany McKinnon

Islington Training Hub and Workforce Development Lead

Kerree Ahern

Enfield Training Hub, Programme Manager

Nursing Leads

Katherine Gerrans

Clinical Director - Primary Care Nursing & AHPs

Louise Keane

Nurse Education Lead, NCL Training Hub

Nyamka Marsh

Professional Education and Development Nurse for TNA/NA Primary and Social Care NCL

Saloni Gaglani

Nurse Educator Lead, Camden

Tatjana Brazza

Nurse Development Lead, Barnet Training Hub

Maria Powazka

Programme Manager, Nursing

Daniela Gomes

Haringey Primary Care Nurse Lead & NCL AP Lead

Knowledge team

Magda Vasileiou

Knowledge Specialist

Yuet Wong

Knowledge Specialist

Communications and Engagement

Sharon Ralph

Communications and Engagement Lead

Project Manager

Losarina Kelly

Communities Employment Project Manager

Marian Orafu

Project Management Office Lead

Neslisan Yilmaz

Health and Wellbeing Lead

Emily Yuki

Fellowships and Mentoring Project Manager

NCL Ambassadors

Amina Ali

NCL Pharmacy Ambassador

Chaima Hale

NCL Physician Associate Ambassador