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CPD: Travel Health Update

CPD Eligibility

CPD training is funded through the NCL CPD - nursing & AHP budget; the list of eligible professions covered by the funding is determined by NHS England - see full list below

All registered primary care nurses (including Registered Nursing Associates)


Art Therapists

Drama therapists

Music therapists



Occupational therapists

Operating Department Practitioners





Prosthetists and Orthotists


Speech and language therapists

An interactive and engaging approach to delivering a live streamed training session via Microsoft Teams

The session will take place on:

  • Tuesday 11th June 2024 (1pm - 5pm)

Counts as 4 hours CPD and for the purpose of NMC revalidation is 4 participatory hours.

Aimed at:

This Travel Health Update is intended for nurses who have experience carrying out travel health consultations and who wish to update their knowledge and skills, meeting the requirement for an annual travel health update (RCN 2018 Competencies: Travel health nursing: career and competence development| Royal College of Nursing page 23 point 6). It covers many topics including: Covid-19: how to advise your traveller, an update on travel vaccines, malaria, professional issues, and the latest developments in travel health.

Course content:

• What’s new in travel medicine?

• Covid-19: How to advise travellers during the pandemic?

• Measles & travel

• Provision of an NHS travel health service

• Malaria update

• Other risks

• Travel vaccine update

• Focus on Cholera

• Q&A

• Which are the best resources to use?

• How to stay up to date

Delegates will require:

  • • To access course on a computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad with a large screen (i.e. bigger than a phone)

    • A separate mobile phone (this trainer uses for the interactive element of the course, you will be given a code to enter at the beginning of the session).

    • A good internet connection

    • To be in an environment where you will not be disturbed, as you will need to be present for the whole course (as it is interactive & live)

    • Undertake an online evaluation