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Understanding Key Roles in Primary Care: Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Paramedics

Join us for a targeted workshop designed to deepen your understanding of various critical roles within primary care settings. This session will focus on Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Paramedics.

Event Highlights:

•Insightful Presentations: Hear from role holders about their daily responsibilities, training opportunities, career progression, and more within each field.

•Interactive Breakout Rooms: Engage directly with professionals and their managers to discuss role-specific questions and insights in facilitated breakout sessions.

Topics to be Covered:

•Recruitment strategies

•Student placements, apprenticeships, and in-practice training opportunities

•In-job training needs and requirements

•Typical duties and responsibilities

•Career advancement routes

•Current workforce numbers in North Central London (NCL)

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to interact directly with industry professionals and gain valuable insights into these pivotal healthcare roles.