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To support clinicians and practices to deliver the new Locally Commissioned Service (LCS) for managing Long Term Conditions (LTC), the NCL Training Hub and NCL ICB is supporting two personalised care training offers:

  1. Personalised Care Institute eLearning – aimed to introduce all practice staff to key concepts in providing personalised care to patients.

  2. Personalised Care and Supporting Planning (PCSP) Interactive Training - online, highly experiential, interactive introductory PCSP training for clinicians for two half days delivered by the Health Coaching Academy. Attendance at both sessions is mandatory to ensure certification.

Please note that some of the information on this page may be outdated.

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Personalised Care Institute eLearning

All practice staff are asked to complete the eLearning made available by the Personalised Care Institute to improve their knowledge of core skills involved in delivering personalised care. The modules are available here and include:

  • Core Skills – Estimated 1 hour (Mandatory)

  • Shared Decision Making – Estimated 30 minutes (Optional)

  • Personalised Care and Support Planning – Estimated 45 minutes (Optional)

As part of your practice’s KPI for the LTC LCS, 75% of clinical and non-clinical staff are asked to complete, at a minimum, the Core Skills module before the end of Q2 (September). Reimbursement of staff time is included within your practice’s practice preparatory payment. There are no exemptions for this training.

PCI eModule Troubleshooting:

We have been informed by some practice staff that they have experienced issues in completing the PCI Core Skills eLearning module.

Please click here for further guidance that has been provided by the Personalised Care Institute on progressing beyond Core Skills Module 2.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the Personalised Care Institute (PCI) directly through their website and report the error.

PCSP Interactive Training

A highly interactive, experiential course has been designed for North Central London to equip clinical staff who will be providing care for patients as part of the LCS (e.g., GPs, nurses, clinical pharmacists, health coaches, social prescribers, care co-ordinators) with the skills needed to deliver person-centred conversations and build confidence to effectively deliver a personalised approach to management of LTCs. The training will take place over two half-days and is structured as follows:

Part One (3 hours)

  • Introduction of the new model of care for long term conditions

  • Explore the case for change – why do this? What are the benefits for patients, practitioners, population health and resources?

  • Prepare yourself and your patients - practicalities and mind-set

  • Core skills for personalised conversations

Part Two (3 hours)

  • Explore motivation and what it takes to change behaviours

  • Extend your core skills - the power of silence

  • Shared Decision Making - partnership working, exploring risks and benefits

  • Making it happen - record and review

For more information on the PCSP training or to view pre-reading, you can visit the Health Coaching Academy website.

As part of your practice’s KPI for the LTC LCS, 30% of clinical staff (including exemptions) are asked to complete this training before the end of Q2 (September). Reimbursement of staff time is included within your practice’s practice preparatory payment.

Please note the following important information about the training:

  • We recommend practices identify and prioritise clinical staff who will be delivering the new model of care in your practice and who may be new or have limited recent experience in delivering PCSP. This includes long-term locums, GP trainees ST3 and above, and staff employed or engaged by your PCN/GP Federation that work within your practice

  • You will be required to attend both sessions to successfully complete the training. It is recommended you attend Part Two three to five weeks after Part One

  • Please ensure you speak to your line and/or practice manager prior to booking on training to ensure there is sufficient staff cover on the day of your training

  • If you already have a health coaching qualification, have completed PCSP training (e.g., Year of Care training, OSCA Coaching for Health, OSCA Personalised Care Training) within the previous three years, have significant experience in delivering PCSP, or have completed a portfolio role in personalisation, then you may not benefit from this introductory course and should not register at this time

  • If the above applies to you, you may be exempt from completing PCSP training and this will count towards your practice’s KPI of 30% of clinical staff attending PCSP training. Your Practice Manager and/or LTC lead can apply for an exemption for you with the process described in the following section

  • Please note that to ensure equitable access for all practices across NCL, registrations against practice size will be monitored. In some cases, where there is over-representation of a practice, some clinicians may be asked to unenroll

Recording Attendance and Exemptions

Please use the Practice Preparatory Training Tracker to record staff who have attended training, those who may be eligible for exemption, and those who still need to be trained. Exemptions will be reviewed by the NCL ICB and will be used for planning capacity for future training.

The Practice Preparatory Training Tracker will be sent to you by your ICB Primary Care team but is also available here for download once finalised by the ICB.

The Practice Preparatory Tracker is available in Long Term Conditions Resources

If you have any questions (for example, exemption eligibility and training availability), please contact