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Complete and circulate NCL TH's Practice Management Leadership Survey!

In recognition of the critical role NCL general practice managers/leaders play, we are delighted to inform you that the NCL Training Hub has appointed 4 interim practice managers to focus on developing a training and development programme around the ask of the People Plan and Green Agenda.

The four appointed Practice Managers who are leading on the project are:

  • Linda Simpson: Hampstead Group Practice, North Camden PCN

  • Donna Joseph: Keats Group Practice, North Camden PCN

  • Carol Sheils: Ridgmount Practice, Central Camden PCN

  • Wajahat Khattak: Temple Fortune Medical Group, Barnet 6 PCN

The aim of the People Plan: promote staff health and well-being within the workplace by ensuring annual leave is taken, improving diversity, reviewing organisational boundaries, and much more!

The aim of the Green Agenda: support GP Practices across NCL to implement green initiatives and reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, the training is aimed at management in general practice.

As a part of the delivery plan, we are asking for your support in 2 ways:

  1. We have prepared a short survey and would be grateful if you could spend 5 minutes to answer the questionnaire.

    • We are aiming to produce an effective training programme and therefore we value your views and insight into what would be meaningful to be included in the program.

    • Please forward the survey to any additional managerial staff who could contribute to the survey and benefit from the Managers Conference. 

Please find a link to the survey below:

Please note: The deadline to complete the survey is 30th September, 2022. 

  1. To support the preparation of the ‘People Plan and Green Agenda’, we are organising an inaugural ‘face to face’ NCL Practice Managers conference.

    • The results of the survey will be shared at the NCL Practice Managers Conference - People Plan and Green Agenda Conference on 18th October, 2022 from 9-2pm. 

For more information about this event, please click on the link below: