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NCL ICB seeks feedback on draft NCL Interface Primary and Secondary Care Consensus

NCL ICB are seeking feedback on draft NCL Interface Primary and Secondary Care Consensus, which is a set of principles to guide NHS staff across North Central London, when they are working across the interface between primary and secondary care.

What is the purpose of this?

NCL ICB believe that, as a system, we can deliver the best care for our population and patients when we are able to collaborate and work together across organisational boundaries and disciplines, which is a key starting point for building these local relationships. Thus, by setting out the principles and behaviours that we believe are essential to deliver safe and sustainable patient care, we hope to build trust, mutual accountability and confidence in our expected behaviours and actions.

How Can I Help?

NCL ICB is requesting that as many clinical and non-clinical primary and secondary care staff in North Central London provide them with feedback on this consensus in a bid to ensure that it is as comprehensive and inclusive of all NCL staff as possible. Please fill out the survey below with your opinions, leave your contact details if you would like to be further involved, and share this with as many of your colleagues as possible!

Engagement deadline: 16 December 2022

Survey link: