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Support schemes in NCL for the Cost of Living crisis

The Cost of Living crisis is putting increased pressure on households across the United Kingdom. There is a rise in everyday costs such as energy bills, food, interest rates; having a direct impact on residents and businesses. A number of citizens are having to make extremely difficult choices, especially over the winter months in terms of cutting back on essentials and budgeting where necessary.

There are number of services and support schemes available across the North Central London (NCL) geographical area to support those in need. As such, each NCL council has a dedicated page in relation to the Cost of Living crisis, providing an overview of the provisions available.

Please click on the relevant links below for further information on how to:

  • Claim benefits (based on eligibility)

  • Receive help with paying bills

  • Receive mental health support

  • Access Food Banks and Support

  • Save on energy costs

  • Receive support in finding employment and develop skills

NCL borough support:

Barnet Support: Cost of living support | Barnet Council

Camden Support: Cost of living support - Camden Council

Haringey Support: Haringey, Here to Help | Haringey Council

Enfield Support: Cost of living support | Enfield Council

Islington Support: Cost of living support | Islington Council


In addition to council support, there are a number of voluntary organisations that are supporting residents with the Cost of Living Crisis. Please click the relevant links below for further information.

Voluntary Support:

Camden Voluntary Sector Information:

Enfield Voluntary Sector Information:


As we receive further information that is relevant to boroughs we will update.