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NCL subject expert groups 

NCL Education Faculty is developing a network of subject expert groups. Each group brings together individuals and teams from across NCL with expertise in a particular area. As groups form they are sharing resources, understanding priorities and planning ahead together. 

The Education Faculty is a hub for these groups, providing access to educational expertise, and linking them with Training Hub workstreams, borough teams, employers, wider ICB partners, public health, librarians and HEI research teams. Where a group is more fully formed, we will provide help and support to enable it to mature as a Community of Practice.  

On this page you can learn more about our subject expert groups, express an interest in joining our groups, or propose an existing group to join our network of subject expert groups. 

Clinical Groups

Cancer Community of Practice

NCL Cancer Community of Practice has been established as a key component of the NCL Cancer Alliance’s Primary Care Cancer Strategy, with an initial focus on enhancing a culture of learning and development. 

The Community of Practice will develop a framework for commissioning, designing and delivering education by tapping into the NCL Education Faculty’s education expertise to explore different pedagogical approaches and models of delivery, and by bringing together training offers from across the wider NCL system in one place to become a hub for cancer education and training in primary care.   

The Community of Practice will provide strategic direction for existing programmes and practice/PCN engagement, and its membership will include GP leads and subject experts as required. The group will meet at regular intervals and where appropriate be open to colleagues across NCL with an interest in this area.  

The Community of Practice is led by the NCL Cancer Alliance. 

Questions about the Community of Practice can be sent to

Respiratory Community of Practice 

NCL Respiratory Community of Practice brings together representation and leadership from a number of existing groups in the asthma and respiratory space including NCL Paediatric Asthma Network, NCL Adult Respiratory Clinical Network, NCL Sustainable Inhalers Group, Greener NCL Programme, NCL Long Term Conditions LCS, Royal Free and UCLH Secondary Care teams and NCL ICB.  

The Community of Practice will have a focus on coordinating education and training to ensure a joined-up approach to delivering asthma and related training in NCL relevant to both adults and children. It will work towards aligning key themes to ensure messages are consistent, uptodate and appropriately targeted across NCL, and enable stakeholder groups to have oversight and input across different training offers to develop a strategic education programme. 

The Community of Practice will connect with NCL Education Faculty to coordinate the scheduling of training and understand local needs and priorities.  

Existing groups will come together to meet collectively at regular intervals and where appropriate be open to anyone interested in contributing to/designing/delivering asthma and related training in NCL. 

The Community of Practice is led by NCL Education Faculty. 

Questions about the Community of Practice can be sent to

Urgent Treatment Centres Community of Practice 

NCL Urgent Treatment Centre Community of Practice has a particular focus on education and training resources to support the expanding workforce in this area, and is developing an online library of educational materials that have been developed across London that can be accessed as a collaborative workspace for colleagues in NCL. 

This includes connecting with others who have led on this work and understanding where gaps exist. 

Its longer term goal is to recognise individuals and groups within NHS/private UTCs to engage with and to explore breakout meeting opportunities to develop peer-support and respond to local needs. 

The Community of Practice is led by Dr Bhavni Shah, NCL Fellow. 

Questions about the Community of Practice can be sent to

Community Neuroscience Project

Commencing in October 2021 and aimed at driving better, more joined up neuroscience health and care across NCL, the Community Neuroscience Project has been building connections between clinicians from community services, primary and secondary care, to understand the existing neuroscience services in each region of NCL, identify inequalities in accessing neuroscience services across each NCL borough and harmonise neuroscience care by improving access to the appropriate clinical teams earlier in the patient journey.

The project has coordinated the NCL wide Adult Neurology Primary Care Pathways in Dizziness, Transient Loss of Consciousness and Headache, developed weekly virtual multidisciplinary meetings (MDM) to support NCL clinicians with their neuroscience patients, and has coordinated the neuroscience lecture series which is being delivered with the NCL Training Hub.

Neuroscience lecture series

A neuroscience lecture series has been developed with the NCL Training Hub in response to the feedback from Primary Care and the Community Neurological Services across NCL.

Previous lectures can be found below:

NCL Functional Neurological Disorders (29 June 2023)

NCL Headache (04 October 2023)

NCL Acute Vertigo (05 December 2023)

Questions about the project can be sent to

Frailty Community of Practice 

NCL Frailty Community of Practice brings together professionals who have direct involvement in the care of frail patients across various backgrounds in neighbourhoods, communities, primary and secondary care providers, with ties to research, education institutions, public health, and local training hubs. 

The Community of Practice exists to facilitate collaboration in establishing a common approach to frailty across NCL, enhancing awareness of existing services and systems, sharing best practices, and improving patient safety. The group will share knowledge to stay updated on developments and include these to shape frailty agendas and convene a learning community in partnership with NCL Education Faculty to design training and education that changes clinical practice. 

Community of Practice meetings 

Community of practice meetings take place every two months. Membership includes frailty leads responsible for service design and support across local organisations and systems in NCL, open to individuals with a vested interest in frailty. Leadership rotates amongst membership. 

Current goals include scoping existing models of care, mapping current services for frail patients across NCL, to understand how these work together and who is eligible to access these services.  

A longer term goal has been identified to pilot a care pathway to help improve oral health of frail patients with the hope that this will improve nutrition and subsequent health outcomes. 

The Community of Practice is led by Dr Rakhee Shah, Barnet Training Hub Education Programme Director, and is supported by Barnet Training Hub. 

Questions about the Community of Practice can be sent to

Spirometry Community of Practice

More information to follow

Universal principles/golden threads

Health Equity Community of Practice  

NCL Health Equity Community of Practice is a growing community which is bringing together professionals and groups who share common goals and interests in health inequalities. The Community of Practice is a space to enable colleagues across NCL to meet, connect and share expertise and experiences in this subject. 

Community of Practice meetings 

Community of Practice meetings are open to all primary care professionals who work with deprived or underserved communities in NCL and provide an opportunity to explore a range of topics and issues that colleagues experience on a daily basis.  

Meetings take place virtually over MS Teams and are a safe space to develop an understanding of the common barriers and challenges in delivering care to deprived communities, and share approaches to support primary care clinicians and colleagues who are working and providing care to patients in this environment.  

The group run meetings on a monthly basis and NCL colleagues can sign up here.

Spring series 

The following topics will be covered during the Spring series of meetings:  

  • Substance abuse 

  • Health beliefs 

  • Developing patient health literacy 

  • Refugees 

  • Supporting patients with reduced means 

  • Alcohol 

  • Prostate cancer screening and treatment in Black and Asian Men 

  • Cancer screening for people experiencing homelessness, including cancer screening eligibility for the LGBTQI community 

The Community of Practice is led by Dr Punit Sandhu, NCL Health Equity Mentor Lead, and is supported by Enfield Training Hub.    

Questions about the Community of Practice can be sent to

NCL Knowledge and Library Services 

NCL Knowledge and Library Services are available to all NHS and affiliated staff in NCL. Knowledge and Library services support evidence-based practice, education and professional development. Highlights include: 

  • a sign up for an NHS OpenAthens account which provides access to all the electronic resources that the NHS and NCL subscribes to. This includes eLearning for healthcare. 

  • NHS Knowledge and Library Hub, a search engine which connects NHS staff and learners to recognised high quality knowledge and evidence resources. 

  • BMJ Best Practice, a comprehensive evidence-based point-of-care tool that offers a step-by-step approach to help manage patient diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention. 

  • KnowledgeShare provides regular targeted updates tailored to your professional area of interest. Longer term, these bulletins will be targeted to support our other subject expert groups and communities of practice. 

NCL Librarians are available to support literature searches. They also provide training for colleagues on critical appraisal, health literacy and search skills for those who want to learn more and develop skills in using an evidence-based approach to driving change.  

The Knowledge and Library Services also produce a current awareness bulletin and NCL colleagues can email to receive this monthly.  

More information about the NCL Knowledge and Library Services can be found on the Training Hub website here

Personalised Care Trainers 

More information to follow. 


More information to follow. 


More information to follow. 


Join our network 

To join our network of subject experts, engage with our Communities of Practice or let us know about existing groups that could be added to our network and link in with NCL Faculty, please complete the webform here. 

Developing a Community of Practice in NCL 

Communities of Practice come together in a variety of ways. Typically, membership is drawn from pre-existing networks of professionals who express an interest in coming together periodically to share common goals/interests with others across the wider system. 

A Community of Practice might begin as a timetabled agenda item in the meetings of pre-existing groups who already meet regularly. In this way meetings can be re-purposed at appropriate points and meeting leads and support teams can work together to move the group forward. Responsibility for leading and chairing can be shared. 

Often there is an initial focus on shared strategy, education and training. Over time topics and group membership can evolve as needed. 

We hope that subject expert groups and Communities of Practice will raise awareness of the work that these groups are doing. This might support interested professionals to join a group as well as helping align strategy and deliver coordinated education and training that changes clinical practice to deliver up-to-date patient care. 


NCL Faculty support for a Community of Practice 

The NCL Education Faculty can provide support to help groups to mature. This can include: 

  • Communications: Leading across NCL boroughs and workforces to coordinate communications about education and training opportunities, identifying ways to increase reach and deliver training more efficiently/effectively, and reducing duplication. 

  • Educational expertise: Engagement with the NCL Faculty Teach-The-Teachers group which can provide education expertise support education content development and compliment subject expertise within the Community of Practice. 

  • Up-to-date knowledge: Facilitating NCL Librarian engagement to support the development of subject expert education. 

  • Scheduling: Working with the support of the Community of Practice, coordinate the scheduling of Community of Practice meetings/events around existing Training Hub activities.  

  • Monitoring engagement: Tracking and recording meeting engagement and feedback, and managing expressions of interest to join.