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On this page you will find resources tailored to support your practice as it transitions to the modern general practice operating model. We regularly update our resource section, so remember to check back frequently for the latest updates and links.

Recorded webinars

In this section, you will find some webinars available on the NHS Futures platform to help guide practices through the Modern General Practice Model. You will need to create an account on NHS Futures to access these:

NHS Futures Platform

NHS Futures is a collaborative platform designed to support healthcare colleagues in connecting, sharing, and learning across boundaries. It is an excellent resource for various aspects of the Modern General Practice Access Model.

Some NHS Future Communities NCL practices can explore:

Surgery Connect Academy

The Surgery Connect Academy learning platform provides access to a diverse range of interactive training resources that will transform your ways of working and optimise patient access.

The online learning platform offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience, employs interactive learning techniques to enhance engagement and retention of knowledge and gives you the opportunity to earn certificates for the training you undertake.

To learn more and to access the academy, please visit: Surgery Connect Academy – Getting the best out of Surgery Connect

Contact the NCL Training Hub PCARP team

For questions about the resources on this page, please reach out to the NCL Training Hub team via

Additionally, we welcome practices interested in participating and sharing their experiences in transitioning to different aspects of the modern general practice operating model. Please email the team via