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Video Group Clinics

The NCL Training Hub is delighted to announce a further training session to equip practice staff with the skills need to run Video Group Consultations with your patient groups.

“Why implement video group clinics?”

Combining group consultation and video clinics aims to build a sense of community and facilitate peer support, while enabling health and care teams to stay connected in supporting those with long term conditions, who are in need of regular reviews and are vulnerable to infection. Use VGCs to help you manage your current workload and regain control.

Target audience

This 90-minute training event is aimed at all members of the practice team involved in implementing, organising and delivering VGCs. This includes:

  • GPs

  • Practice Nurses

  • Clinical Pharmacists

  • Physician Associates

  • Healthcare assistants

  • Social Prescribing Link Workers

  • Health and wellbeing coaches

  • Practice Managers

  • Care Co-Ordinators

  • Administrative staff

Learning outcomes

After attending the two and a half hour training session, learners will have:

  • understood what VGC are and how they flow

  • understood how to use MS Teams or similar to set up and run video group clinics

  • got answers to concerns

  • understood best practice in relation to the 6 critical success factors for VGCs and planned to address them

  • understood the role a good facilitator plays

  • understood their VGC toolkit

  • learnt helpful strategies to manage group dynamics

  • set a date for first, second and third VGC (within 7 days)

  • gained confidence about getting started

Please email Jean at for more information