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Event Recap: NHS Online Patient ‘Register with a GP Surgery’ Service

Around 43% of practices in London are already using the free NHS England ‘Register with a GP Surgery’ service to allow patients to register with their practice online. 

If you are not yet live, this webinar recap will cover how the service works and exactly what your practice needs to do to start using the service. It only takes minutes to set up and the ‘Register with a GP Surgery’ service is linked to the ‘Find a GP’ webpage, NHS App and can be linked to your practice website. 

If you have your NHS Profile Manager login details, you might even be able to go live during the actual webinar recording. If you haven’t got access to NHS Profile Manager, please email or call 0300 303 5035 for assistance. 

The use of the Register with a GP Surgery service is covered in the GP Contact 2024/2025, but the webinar aims to show you why you would want to use it rather than feel you have to use it. The service helps reduce the administrative burden for your practice as well as making GP registration easier for patients. 

If you would like to test the patient experience, please use this link: 

For more information, please visit the NHS England/Digital page,