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Have your say: NCL Review of Clinical Supervision in General Practice

The ICB has commissioned NCL Training Hub to review clinical supervision in general practice.  

Clinical Supervision in general practice is at the core of how multi-disciplinary teams work together to deliver care. As delivery of patient care transforms and becomes increasingly complex, it is important to understand and improve our approaches to supervision of clinical practice. NCL ICB would like to support general practice team to respond to these changes. 

The survey aims to examine: 

  • Existing supervision models in NCL. 

  • Areas requiring additional support to deliver effective clinical supervision for multi-disciplinary teams. 

  • Identify opportunities to support clinical supervision in practice. 

The review is intended to be supportive and not focused on performance management. The survey results will shape a tailored support package for general practice, fostering continuous learning, enhancing workforce wellbeing, and promoting effective clinical supervision of day-to-day work. 

Who is the survey intended for? 

  • Supervisees: are any clinician or professional whose work with patients in general practice requires them to regularly seek input from a more senior clinician or colleague.  

  • Clinical Supervisors: are usually named or on-the-day duty, more experienced clinicians who are available to answer immediate questions and debrief after patient contact about any issues arising from clinical practice.  

  • Educational Supervisors: are usually named senior/experienced clinicians or practitioners with allocated time in their week or month to meet a supervisee. They may discuss issues arising from clinical supervision but also support them with other training and professional development. 

We invite participation from anyone in general practice involved in clinical supervision, especially encouraging colleagues new to general practice and patient facing ARRS roles. 

The survey is open until 5 March 2024. 

Please contact NCL Training Hub if you have any questions:

To complete the survey, please go to or use the QR code.