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Independent prescribing 2024/25 update

The procurement process for independent prescribing (IP) is ongoing and is subject to the contracts being finalised. We are anticipating funding for 2024-25 to meet HEI Sept intakes but are unable to confirm the timeline for when this will be announced.  

As soon as funding is in available, we will send communications to all pharmacy stakeholders including E&T Leads, LPC leads, training hub leads, and chief pharmacists. Updates will also be posted on the national website here. Employers, organisation leads and learners are advised to check the website regularly for updates. 

In the interim, learners should be advised to prepare their applications for their preferred IP course provider in advance of funding being announced to enable a quick application. The application information required for all IP courses is broadly similar. Providers are anticipated to be those who were previously commissioned by HEE to provide IP training in 2023-24 but this is pending contracts being finalised. 

We are aware that UCL applications close on Monday 22 July 2024 having recently been extended for 1 week. UCL have advised that any applications opting for NHS England (formerly HEE) funding are encouraged, but acceptance on to the course will be pending final confirmation of funding by NHS England. 

Please note that London South Bank University (LSBU) will not be an IP provider of NHS England funded IP training for 2024-25. 

If you have any queries regarding this, please let us know at: