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Putting Shared Decision Making into Action: Diabetes Specific Training available in 2023

The 'Putting Shared Decision Making into Action' training provided by Year of Care is an excellent opportunity, that is PCI accredited, for Diabetes clinical staff across London with two half days of training offered between February to April 2023.

Clinical staff will learn:

  1. How to use tools and systems that support people to work in partnership and to have the right information and support at the right time for the best decision.

  2. How to develop the communication skills to enable people to articulate what matters to them and work out the impact on their health options, decisions and plans.

The training will be delivered in two parts (session 1 followed by session 2) and each will be a half-day session. There are only 15 places available per session. See dates below:

First half day options

Second half day options

Cohort 1

8 February: 9-1pm

16 February: 1-5pm

9 March: 9-1pm

Cohort 2

23 March:  9-1pm

29 March: 9-1pm

19 April: 1-5pm

Please also see the flyer below and circulate to colleagues who may be interested.