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Educational Supervisor (ES) 

GPSTs usually have the same educational supervisor throughout their 3 years of training. They are responsible for guiding progress through the programme and the trainee is usually placed with them for their final ST3 year. 

GP Supervisor Course

The GP Supervisors Course is mandatory for all GPs who wish to become educational supervisors. This includes those wanting to be the educational supervisor of GPs in specialty training (aka a GP trainer) or the named clinical supervisor for GP STs or foundation doctors in clinical placements in general practice. This interactive course runs over 11 weeks (3 hours contact per week) on a virtual platform and has approximately 45 hours' time commitment (33 hours contact plus preparation). Please click here to find out more.


Practiceswith a trainee in post receive a trainer grant. Trainers are paid for some educational supervision duties when the trainee is not in the practice with them and may be eligible for professional development payments.