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GP trainers might be a clinical supervisor (usually for an ST1 or ST2) or educational supervisor (see below). They provide one to one supervision, deliver tutorials, conduct WPBA and progress reviews and offer pastoral support for GP trainees in general practice to: 

  • Be a minimum of 3 years post CCT 

  • Be permanently based at an NHS England (NHSE) approved training site and work a minimum of 4 clinical sessions a week 

  • Hold the MRCGP qualification 

You’ll need to complete a HEE GP trainers’ course and be approved by your area GP education committee before you can be accredited. It may be useful to speak to other GP trainers, Associate Dean (AD) or your local Training Programme Director (TPD) to find out what’s involved. 

How to become a GP Trainer 

If you would like to become a GP Trainer, you will need to make contact with both your local training hub and also the training programme directors (TPDs) for the relevant GP Speciality Training Scheme.  

HEE (now merged with NHS England) has links to each scheme in North Central London

Please also see this document about the pathway to becoming a GP educator.

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