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Advanced Nursing Practitioners (ANP) are nurses who have undertaken a master’s level in clinical practice. ANPs have authority in patient diagnosis and are trusted to independently assess, diagnose, manage, and care for patients with complex clinical issues. 

ANPs have an important role to play in supporting and enhancing primary care service provision. They have been shown to improve patients’ satisfaction, alleviate pressure on GPs, and provide high quality care where it is needed. 

Working life

The role of a ANP differs significantly in comparison to a general nurse - you’ll be working in a more senior position and, therefore, expected to perform more advanced duties. Responsibilities of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner can include: 

  • Diagnosing health conditions 

  • Conducting check-ups 

  • Researching patient conditions 

  • Referring patients to specialists 

  • Maintaining records of patient medical history 

  • Prescribing and administering medication 

How to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner?

The route to becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner requires extensive education and training. The steps include: 

  • Becoming a registered nurse: all nurses will join the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in order to be able to practice nursing in the UK. 

  • Getting experience: once you are fully qualified and registered, you will then be able to work as a nurse within various settings. You may then choose to pursue a specialism and gain the skills and expertise you need for the next steps. 

  • Embarking on a master’s programme: to qualify as a nurse practitioner, you are required to complete a master’s degree. These courses often take 1-2 years to complete and are essential for building up your knowledge. 

  • Getting your license and certification: to receive your license, you must complete your master’s degree, a two-year clinical experience placement and sit a national certification exam. 

Click to read about the available ACP pathways.

ANP Virtual Drop-In Sessions - hosted by the Professional Nurse Advocates

Are you an Advanced Nurse Practitioner working in NCL ?

Here's an opportunity to meet other ANP’s across NCL. This space will give you the chance you to:

  • Build your network

  • Celebrate success

  • Reflect on challenges

  • Share experiences and learning

Join our Professional Nurse Advocate team via MS Teams: Every last Tuesday of the month 12:30-13:30

Can advanced Nurse Practitioners prescribe medication? 

All fully qualified advanced nurse practitioners can prescribe medication for any condition within their competency.  They can see patients with undiagnosed, undifferentiated medical conditions and make treatment decisions, including referring patients for any necessary follow-up consultations or referrals – both in primary and secondary care.