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The borough of Enfield is 12 miles from the centre of London and covers an area of 31.7 square miles (82.2 square kilometres, 8219 hectares).

In 2020, Enfield had an estimated population of 333,587 with a large population of both 0-14s and older people in comparison to the rest of London.

It is a diverse borough, which has welcomed communities from across the world. In particular, it has large Turkish, Greek and Cypriot populations (Enfield Council, 2022).

The Enfield Training Hub aims to improve and increase the overall well-being of residents in Enfield by supporting the local healthcare workforce. Enfield Training Hub provides training and develops educational programmes for clinical and non-clinical staff across Enfield and North Central London (NCL).

The Enfield Training Hub is hosted by the Enfield GP Federation.

Some key areas of the Training Hub include improving workforce development, strengthening working relationships with stakeholders, and offering educational opportunities. Enfield Training Hub works in collaboration with NCL Training Hub, local Training Hubs and various stakeholders for example:

  • Local Dental, Optical and Pharmaceutical committees

For more information on the Training Hub, please contact either: