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Personalised care simply means that patients have more control and choice when it comes to the way their care is planned and delivered.  

As the complexity and uniqueness of individual needs have changed and expectations towards healthcare have evolved over time, it has become apparent that there is a fundamental need for personalised care.  

Personalised care represents a major practical change to the NHS and is a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan. It is a whole system approach that enables a variety of services across the health, social care, public health and community spectrum to be integrated around the individual in order to deliver better outcomes and experiences. It has also led to the creation of a range of new roles that further improve the quality of care that patients receive. 

The value of personalised care is demonstrated through a growing evidence base showing improvements in health outcomes, better adherence to medical advice and increased satisfaction for both patients and clinicians. 

The goal is for 2.5 million people to have benefitted from personalised care by 2023/24. 

Personalised care training allows health care professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure people: 

  • are treated as a whole person by professionals they trust 

  • are involved in decisions about their health and care 

  • are supported to manage their own health and well-being, through health coaching, access to self-management programmes and peer to peer support in the community 

  • feel their care is coordinated 

How does the Personalised Care Institute’s (PCI) eLearning work?
  • All eLearning is available on demand so you do not need to worry about doing it on a specific day/time 

  • To access the eLearning you will need to register on the Personalised Care Institute’s website 

  • You need to log your learning on the Personalised Care Institute’s CPD eLearning portal for CPD points and certificates

  • You might need to enable popup windows in your computer’s browser settings to complete the training

  • Website link: 

 Who can attend the training? 

The free courses from PCI are suitable for all health and care professionals, regardless of profession or seniority.

What do I need to do? 

Select the eLearning you wish to do and register with the links below.

Core Skills 

  • One hour 

  • Level 1 and 2 

Improve your knowledge of personalised care Core Skills with this eLearning module -one of the key components of the PCI curriculum. The module provides a holistic view of health and care, highlighting the benefits of personalised care and demonstrating how it improves health outcomes and patient and clinician satisfaction. 

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Shared Decision Making 

  • 30 minutes 

  • Level 3 

Shared decision making (SDM) is a process by which people are supported to understand their options and are given the opportunity to consider relevant information that might influence their choice. 

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Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) 

  • 45 minutes 

  • Level 3 

Good personalised care and support planning (PCSP) is about having a different kind of conversation about health and care, focusing on what matters to the person as well as their clinical and support needs. This leads to a single plan that is owned by the individual and accessible to those supporting the person. 

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Case Studies

This webinar showcases the importance of personalised care in primary care from Javed’s perspective. 

Javed is an Enfield resident and patient diagnosed with athetoid cerebral palsy. He uses a communication machine which is controlled by eye movements. For over a decade now, he has given motivational presentations to young people in primary and secondary schools. Previously, he gave lectures about living with cerebral palsy to London South Bank University students.

Other case studies that demonstrate the impact of personalised care can be found here.