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Changes within the NHS in terms of care settings, demographics and delivery methods require significantly different skills, capabilities and approaches to working. This requires careful planning to ensure that a sufficiently skilled workforce is in place to respond to these changes.

Workforce planning aims to ensure organisations strategically plan to have sufficient clinical and non-clinical staff, with the appropriate skills, to meet the current and future needs of their population. Effective workforce planning ensures appropriate levels of staff are available to deliver safe, high-quality care to patients and service users.

NCL Training Hub Workforce Planning Guidance

NCL Training Hub has developed a short document, providing Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and General Practices in North Central London with information about workforce planning and basic guidance for what to focus on and which questions to ask as part of the planning.   

We recognise that each PCN and General Practice is different, and the steps recommended in this guidance may not be the answer you are looking for when planning your workforce. You can, of course, seek further help and support from your local borough training hub during your workforce planning. 

Workforce planning should ideally not be an exercise that is carried out by a person on their own. It should engage and involve the whole of your practice or PCN, with members of different roles within the workforce contributing to it. The information needed to produce a useful workforce plan should be held within your workforce.

Primary Care Retention

NHS England and NHS Employers have launched a new international retention toolkit which outlines actions employers can take to ensure internationally recruited colleagues can stay, thrive and build lasting careers in the NHS. The toolkit, designed for line managers and employers, brings information, best practice examples and resources together in one place and highlights what organisation, systems and regions are already doing to create the conditions for all international staff to thrive in the NHS.

Alongside the toolkit, the joint NHS England and NHS Employers’ Improving Staff Retention Guide is designed to help support the overall approach to recruiting and retaining international and domestic staff.

The Fuller Stocktake Report

NHSE London Primary Care team have developed a resource to support workforce with understanding how their role can support the implementation of the Fuller vision.

The Fuller Stocktake Report was commissioned by NHS England and supported by the 42 ICS Chief Executive Officers. It is a review on integrated primary care, looking at what is working well, why it’s working well and how we can accelerate the implementation of integrated primary care across systems.

This visual poster highlights, in a simple and easy to understand format, how workforce can support the implementation of the Fuller ambitions. The intention is to empower the workforce to play an active role in the implementation of the Fuller vision. Click on the button below to download this resource.

NCL Connect Digital Staffing Pool

NCL Connect - the Flexible Staff Pool for Primary Care in North Central London is now Live and accepting registrations from Locum GPs and Nurses. This digital platform is designed to make connecting clinicians to healthcare providers a seamless experience. Locums can personalise profiles to show only sessions in their area, matches to their skillset, receive updates on local training events, ask questions, view work schedules, billing and get reminders for compliance updates. There will be sessions advertised by Practices, PCNs and GP Federations, across a range of clinical settings, as they sign up and request to add sessions.

Click on the button below to find out more.