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Returning to general practice after a prolonged leave of absence

There are several reasons why a GP or GP in training might take a break from working in NHS general practice. This may be to take time out to raise a family, sickness or to gain experience in a different role.

NCL Training Hub works in collaboration with Training Hubs across Pan London to support staff who are looking to return to work after an extended period of leave by offering training and SIMS sessions including:

Thrive after maternity leave: Group Coaching Course

The main concerns identified by GP mums on maternity leave are ‘losing skills’ and knowing ‘how to juggle work and family life’.

‘Thrive after maternity leave - plan a confident return to work for GPs' is a group coaching course, run by The Maternity Coach, where you can be supported by a highly experienced Coach and a small group of your peers to plan the return to work that is right for you.

This 4 week programme consists of a bespoke online course that runs alongside 1-hour virtual group coaching sessions.

The course is available for all London based GPs and London and KSS GP trainees, and has multiple start dates throughout the year. Follow this link to register:

Thrive after maternity leave - plan a confident return to work for GPs Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite


Simulation Surgery: Maternity Leave

This is a supportive and interactive learning opportunity to enable you to feel confident returning to clinical practice.

The sessions include role play with experienced actor patients:

  • remote consultation practice for common GP presentations, in small groups with experienced GP facilitators

  • time for personal reflection, discussion and Q&A, and personal top tips for return after maternity leave

  • signposting to clinical resources

  • opportunity for peer networking and support

There are SIM surgeries for GPs and GP trainees on maternity leave throughout the year. Follow this link to register. Simulation Surgery: Maternity Leave registration form July 2022 onwards (

Contact to find out more about the Simulated Surgery.

Participant quotes:

 I have been off for 14 months due to sickness and mat leave and was feeling terrified about going back to work in a new Covid world. This course has not only relieved that anxiety but has made me look forward to my return and completing training."

Coaching and Simulation Workshop: for those off work for health and care reasons

These remote workshops have been offered to qualified GPs and GP trainees who have been away from practice for personal health or care reasons. They combine remotely simulated consultation practice with a reflective and empowering coaching approach to planning return to work.

Led by a team of experienced coaches and GP facilitators who have all had personal experience of health and care issues that have affected their working practice, they provide a safe space to experience peer support and gain confidence despite the felt vulnerabilities of participants.

These have now been made available for any London-based GP or GP trainee in London and KSS.

Click on the following link to find out more and register for available upcoming dates: SIM & Coaching workshop to support return to work in General Practice Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Please contact for more information.

Participant quotes:

“This course is the best course I’ve ever done, I feel so

thankful I was lucky enough to complete it. I have been out of clinical training for over a year, and was feeling very anxious about my return, I feel this course really

improved my confidence about returning.”

National GP Return to Practice Programme

There is also a national GP Return to Practice Programme offer of support which  

has been developed in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners and British Medical Association to ensure the best practical, educational, and financial support is available for returning GPs.  

The GP Return to Practice Programme is designed to provide a safe, supported and direct route for qualified GPs to return to NHS general practice in England. 


Any queries relating to the NHSE GP Return to Practice Programme should be directed to Tessa Newton at