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Reskilling Communities as our Primary Purpose

Primary Care Anchor Networks (PCAN) is a new and exciting initiative across London. PCAN aims to create and sustain a vibrant and healthy community through: 

  • Increasing the recruitment of local people into Primary and Community Care roles   

  • Widening access and offering more developmental, training, and educational opportunities to  local residents keen to enter the health care workforce

  • Focusing on promoting, developing, and utilising community resources in a range of ways - this includes working with local partners such as voluntary community groups and local authorities within North Central London

  • Consider ways to contribute to reducing the NHS environmental impact

Some ways the NCL training hub are delivering the PCAN initiative include:

What is an anchor institution?

Anchor institutions are typically large-scale public sector organisations which are rooted in a particular location, and whose long-term sustainability is connected to the wellbeing of the population they serve.  

Anchor institutions have assets and spending power, which can be used to benefit its local population. 

The NHS is a prime example of an anchor institution, as it can have a beneficial impact on its local area outside of the health service it provides – this includes having an impact on environmental, social, and economic factors.

Recruitment support for entry level roles

If you are a primary care employer (GP Practice, dentist practice, optometrist, or pharmacy) recruiting entry level roles – We want to hear from you!  Entry level roles being those that do not require previous experience or where on the job training can be provided.

Through the PCAN programme and in partnership on the North Central London (NCL) Health & Social Care Academy, we are building a talent pool of North Central London candidates keen to start working in the sector – if you are recruiting entry level vacancies, the NCL H&SC Academy can offer recruitment support and advertise jobs to a talent pool of local candidates.

This recruitment support would be a complementary offer to your existing recruitment processes and provide an opportunity to be linked to a local workforce supply.

To register interest in the recruitment support available via the NCL Health and Social Care Academy, please complete the Employer Referral Form.

Recruiting a local workforce has many benefits – it ensures your workforce represents the community it serves and can help with attrition. Providing routes to employment and good work for our local population also helps contribute to NCL health ambitions and has a positive impact on health and wellbeing of our residents.

This video was commissioned by HEE London Primary Care School Team in response to the work around Primary Care Anchor Networks, Reskilling Communities as our Primary Purpose. 

Useful links around anchor work:

If you have a query related to the programme, please contact Losarina Kelly, Primary Care Anchor Networks & Apprenticeship Project Manager.