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How can I, as an NCL Practice Manager get involved?

Practice managers across the five NCL boroughs have been working together over the past few months to develop a plan to help support all practice managers across North Central London. The two areas of focus have been:

Supporting the delivery of the People Plan:

The NHS England People Plan 2020/21: action for us all, published at the end of July 2020 along with Our People Promise, built on the interim People Plan set out a range of actions to deliver this. These are organised around four pillars:

  1. looking after our people – with quality health and wellbeing support for everyone

  2. belonging in the NHS – with a particular focus on tackling the discrimination that some staff face

  3. new ways of working and delivering care – making effective use of the full range of our people’s skills and experience

  4. growing for the future – how we recruit and keep our people, and welcome back colleagues who want to return.

NHS people has been further prioritised in the national planning guidance for 2021/22 and 2022/23, and work continues to develop for the longer term.

We are looking to work with NCL Training Hub to develop a supportive offer to NCL GP practices which cover the following aspects of the People Plan as shown below:

  • Ensure staff are using their annual leave

  • Support individual health and wellbeing conversations

  • Track sickness absence and ensuring available occupational health and wellbeing support

  • Improve diversity through recruitment and promotion practices, and line manager training on inclusion

  • Review ways of working across organisational boundaries

  • Facilitate flexibility and staff movement across the system

  • Implement the results of staff surveys

  • Systematic roll out of training programmes for non-clinical staff e.g. medical support workers

The Green Agenda

Work with the NCL Training Hub to develop a supportive offer to GP practices in NCL, to implement a Green Agenda and reduce their carbon footprint

Greener NHS (

NCL Training Hub has written a bid for healthier funding, to support the green agenda. The bid focusses on:

“NCL Energy Efficiency with Active Travel and Transport across General Practice”

NHSE aims to reduce emissions in their direct control to net zero by 2040 this includes an ambition to reduce an 80% reduction by 2032.  NCL are looking to support general practice to reach this target focusing one energy efficiency and active travel and transport.

Practice Managers Survey and Conference

The North Central Training Hub (NCL) held its first NCL Practice Managers’ Conference on 18th, October 2022! To view the highlights and resources from the day (including the leadership survey results), click here.