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  • 1 or 2-year programme of support for new to general practice nurses

  • Aimed at improving recruitment into substantive posts within general practice, and enriching the availability of skills and portfolio working within PCNs

  • You take up a substantive contract for a minimum of 2 years, and select a portfolio role to pursue over this 2 year period

  • You are released for 1 or 2 paid session per week to enable you to pursue your fellowship portfolio role

  • You also gets other benefits, such as a CPD contribution (amount depending on the area that you work in) and peer support sessions to develop experience and support transition into the workforce


  • The opportunity to build a strong relationship with your practice and PCN

  • Support for the transition to independent professional working as GPNs   ​

  • A menu of opportunities for portfolio working​

  • Learning skills such as leadership and management to support you in all future work by developing you as a clinician and a leader   



Tell me about the funding

Relevant funding flows via payroll, but you are fully reimbursed

  • The entitlement is 1 pro-rated session (4hrs 10mins) based on the number of sessions they work in primary care each week. The funding is paid at the fellow’s actual salary rate, plus 30% for on-costs

  • Those taking a SPIN option will also be working a second session in their chosen project, but this will be paid for by the service provider

  • The fellow also receives a CPD contribution of £500 per annum, which the fellow can invoice the NCL Training Hub for directly

There are some different options for fellows that effects how the funding is utilised as detailed below.


Option 1

The preferred model is that you work 4-7 sessions as a new to general practice nurse, and an additional 2 sessions in your chosen fellowship portfolio role using one of the available models. Amongst others, these include:  

  • Attending speciality outpatients clinics

  • Training Hub work

Your practice will be paid for these additional 2 sessions plus on-costs and pay you via payroll. 

Option 2

If Option 1 doesn’t appeal to you, then you can choose to pursue a portfolio role and be released from your practice during the 1 pro-rated session per week entitlement.  

Your host practice, training hub and fellowship PD would need to approve your project. 

Your practice will receive 1 pro-rated session plus on-costs per week reimbursement so you can participate in fellowship activities.  

Option 3

HEE are offering a limited number of places across London on a Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Practice to experienced New to General Practice Nurses.

Course Overview
This course helps develop systems leadership and workforce transformation skills through delivery of quality improvement projects. The course consists of 3 modules (60 credits), delivered over 12-months. Learners must be able to commit 1 day per week to study days and taught sessions.

Support funding and spaces available
• Places fully funded by HEE (incl. bursary of 11,000 per nurse)
• 5 spaces across London – 1 place per London ICS area

Eligibility criteria
• Working at an appropriate leadership/advanced level
• Be an independent prescriber
• Has seen all undifferentiated illness in primary care
• Has significant primary care / general practice experience
• No minimum timeframe from qualification

To find out more or express your interest, please contact General Practice Nurse (GPN) SPIN Programme Director for North London, Charlotte Cooley (

Option 4

HEE are offering a limited number of places across London on a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Five places are available pan-London (One per ICS area). Funding as follows:

  • up to £4k tuition

  • £5k supervision education support package to employing practice

Training hubs to identify one General Practice Nurse (GPN) per ICS to take up this offer; and identify and select an appropriate course at a HEI.

To find out more or express your interest, please contact GPN SPIN Programme Director for North London, Charlotte Cooley (


Who is eligible to apply for this?

The scheme is open to ALL General Practice Nurses who joined general practice within the last 12 months, or will be due to qualify soon in anticipation of taking a substantive post in a practice, a PCN, cluster of PCNs or another body.

There is scope to extend the joining period to 18 months in the instances of maternity/adoption/parental leave, long-term sickness or other caring responsibilities. Please check with your training hub lead.

You must hold a substantive, permanent contract (you can apply even whilst training, but funds will be released once your employment starts).


What is expected of my practice?
  • Practices will sign an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with more details

  • Practices should agree the working pattern/hours & pay with fellows

  • Practices should provide induction and the kind of ongoing support/supervision that new staff would normally expect or need

  • Practices agree to release the fellow for their monthly HEE-led peer support session. This is currently one Tuesday morning per month

  • Practices support the fellow in choosing and pursuing their fellowship. Practices are not responsible for their fellowship but may have useful local intelligence and experience they wish to share with fellows

What is expected of me?
  • You find a practice in NCL. We can share vacancy data with you to help you

  • You negotiate Terms & Conditions, pay, hours of work, etc. as you normally would. You sign an employment contract (or partnership deed)

  • You look at the options available and liaise with your employer/PCN/training hub about your interests – your fellowship plan. They may be able to guide you in terms of how valuable or useful it is likely to be, for example

  • You and your practice will sign and commit to an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

  • You take part in the core activities (practice induction, peer support and evaluations). This will normally be from the protected time that you receive.


Complete the brief online form to apply to the fellowship programme:

You can directly look for vacancies through word of mouth of other means.  If you find a job in that way, you are still eligible to take part, provided you meet the criteria.

Read more about the General Practice Fellowship programme on the NHS England website.

Contact Charlotte Cooley, the NCL Training Hub GPN Fellowship Lead, to find out more about the support available through NCL Training Hub.


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