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As a primary care clinician in North Central London (NCL), you can support healthcare learners and new clinical professionals by becoming a trained and approved educator.

NHS England (NHSE) Workforce Training and Education (WTE) requires all clinicians who support learners on accredited training pathways to be Approved Educators who work in an Approved Learning Environment.

There are four steps to become an Approved Educator in NCL:  

Step 1: Register your interest

All primary care clinicians in NCL must register their interest to become an educator.

You may be asked to complete the relevant supervisor training mandated by NHSE WTE.

Step 2: Complete a Supervisor Training Course

New educators will need to complete the relevant supervisor training course based on their clinical profession.

Once you have registered your interest (step 1) you will be contacted by the NCL Training Hub Faculty and Quality team to register for your appropriate supervisor training course.

Please refer to the table below for list of supervisor training courses for each clinical profession:

Course title

Who is the course for?

Course details

Additional information

GP Supervisor Course

GPs who wish to supervise: 

  • GPSTs  (1-3)

  • GP Foundation Years 1&2 

  • Any other multi-professional clinician on an NHSE WTE accredited pathway 


This is a mandatory course for GPs who want to become educational supervisors, or placement named clinical supervisors in primary care. 


It is an interactive and virtual course that runs over 11 weeks (3 hours contact per week). There is an approximate time commitment of 45 hours.


There are two course intakes for London each year (September and February).  


See here

Multi-professional Supervision Course for Educators in Primary Care

All non-GP roles who wish to supervise clinicians of the same profession: 

  • FCP educators can support all roles included on the FCP Roadmap to practice 

  • Nurse educators can supervise all nursing roles

  • Pharmacy educators can support all bands of pharmacy

  • Physician Associate Educators can supervise Physicians Associates


This course is for multi-professional Primary Care educators with: 

  • 1-2 years post graduate experience  

  • relevant mentoring, supervision, and education experience in their clinical specialty 

  • who work in a learning environment and wish to become a Primary Care Educator 

There are additional training courses required for nursing and clinical pharmacy staff who are interested in supporting clinicians of the same profession (detailed below). 


More information to follow

Please see the NCL Training Pathways for Educational Supervisors tool for more information about training pathways mapped our per Educational Supervisor role.  

There are limited places available on each supervisor training course. The NCL Faculty and Quality team manages registrations for both courses and maintains a waitlist. You will be contacted once a space becomes available on the supervisor course you have registered for.

Any educator that completed a recognised NHS England WT&E supervisor training course before 31 March 2023, or has a PG Certificate in Medical Education, may not be required to complete additional training. In this instance you may be asked to provide further information to your patch AD and NCL Training Hub Faculty and Quality team to evidence how you have maintained your educational practice following the completion of your training when you submit your application for educator approval.

Irrespective of training qualifications, all clinicians who are not recognised as educators by NHS England WT&E (formerly HEE) must submit an application for educator approval and complete an NCL approval assessment to become a recognised approved educator (see steps below) in order to support learners on accredited training pathways.

Additional supervisor training

Some clinical professions will need to complete additional training as part of their application to become Approved Educators.

Educator course

Who is the course for?

Course details

More information

Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA) 

Nurses who are interested in enrolling onto the Multi-professional Supervision Course must have first completed SSSA training.

These standards set out the roles and responsibilities of practice supervisors and assessors, and how they must make sure students receive high-quality learning, support and supervision during their practice placements. 


See here.


Clinical Supervisors for the Primary care pharmacy education pathway 

Pharmacists who are interested in enrolling onto the Multi-professional Supervision course must first have completed the Clinical Supervisors for the Primary care pharmacy education pathway. 


The Primary care pharmacy education pathway is for pharmacists employed as part of the NHS England primary care Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) additional roles reimbursement scheme.

See here.


Approved GP trainers supervising non-GP clinical roles 


Approved GP trainers supervising non-GP clinical roles  

Approved GP trainers who are supervising non-GP roles have access to a free 60-minute refresher training available from e-LFH.  


See here.

Step 3: Application Form

Once you have completed your training course, the NCL Training Hub Faculty and Quality team will send you an application form and instructions in preparation for your NCL assessment.

Please refer to the NCL Quality resources page for additional information and guides to help you complete your application form.

Step 4: Attend a NCL Assessment

When you have uploaded your application form and supporting documents the NCL Training Hub Faculty and Quality team will invite you to an NCL assessment.

You can find out more about the NCL assessment here.

The NCL assessment panel will make a recommendation to NHSE WTE to formally approve you as an educator.

Please note that educators can only be approved if they are working in an Approved Learning Environment. If your practice is not approved as a learning environment you will need to apply for educator and learning environment approval together.