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NCL Training Hub has partnered with Shapes Toolkit to deliver a series of webinars and workshops that aim to support the wellbeing of those working in primary care.

The Shapes Toolkit was designed by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP with a background in medical education and coaching who knows what it’s like to be on the edge of burnout. The programme gives healthcare teams a ‘toolkit’ of resources to address the different issues that they face and is a powerful blend of neuroscience, coaching principles and practical productivity and resilience techniques.

The webinars were available to ALL staff working across primary care in all four sectors - General Practice, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Optometry.

What do Shapes webinars explore?

  • Prioritising your time and workload

  • Recognising when you are heading towards burnout

  • Increasing your own wellbeing

  • Changing your reaction to stressful events

  • Having better conversations with your teams

  • Taking control of things that you can control

  • Increasing your influence and impact at work


Watch recorded webinars in your own time: