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This Toolkit is aimed at those working in the primary care sector who are involved in ensuring their practice meets the new QOF requirements.

The Quality and Outcomes Framework guidance released in March 2023 introduced a new quality improvement (QI) module, which focuses on workforce and wellbeing in 2023/24. It will now form part of the QOF activity across NCL. We hope that these resources will help support primary care teams complete the various stages of this module.

It is the intention that this page will be continuously updated, and we welcome your feedback on its content. If links do not work or if you are aware of resources that have not been included, please contact

Full guidance for the QI module can be found on pg.100 - 115 of The Quality and Outcomes Framework.

Identify areas for improvement

Practices should undertake an assessment of the factors that currently impact on workforce wellbeing and identify areas for improvement.

  • QOF Workforce and Wellbeing Survey - A centralised survey to support the initial assessment stage of this module. Practices will be provided with individual analysis reports based on their results

  • SWOT analysis example – This example SWOT analysis provides starting points that you may consider under each heading when completing a SWOT analysis with your team

  • NHS H&WB diagnostic tool – This diagnostic tool provides an easy way to self-assess your organisation against each section of the NHS health and wellbeing framework, and is aligned with the NHS model describing what ‘good’ looks like

  • Wellbeing Conversations – Tips and templates to support wellbeing conversations across your team. Themes emerging from conversations can be embedded in your QI improvement plan

  • RCGP Quality Improvement Guidance - This guide sets out the skills, behaviours and actions that underpin successful QI interventions. It also offers practical tips on how to lead and manage improvement, as well as links to supportive resources

Create an Improvement Plan

Following the diagnostic stage, practices should create an improvement plan with SMART aims. Activities could lead to improvements in the following areas:

  • Improving wellbeing, resilience, and risk of burnout for the GP workforce

  • Creating a compassionate and inclusive culture in general practice

  • Supporting the onboarding of new staff

  • Supporting the training and development of the whole team in general practice

  • Establishing peer support networks


  • NHSE QOF QI Workshop:

    • This workshop on 19 July 2023 brought colleagues together to share, learn and develop ideas and initiatives to support the ambitions set out for this QI module

    • Click here to view the session recording and resources (please note you will need to register for an account with NHS Futures to access this content)

Attend two PCN peer review meetings

A key objective of the network peer review meetings is to enable shared learning across the network.

  • Possible discussion points for PCN peer review meetings

    • How are practices working as a multidisciplinary team at network level? How can this be improved?

    • How are practices ensuring the whole practice team are involved?

    • How can clinical supervision and peer support groups be supported at a network level?

    • Sharing updates of work undertaken to understand workforce wellbeing.

    • What ideas for change are practices considering? and how does this fit in to wider PCN objectives?

[QOF Guidance 2023-24]

  • Information, support and facilitation for your PCN Peer Review Meetings for this QI Module: Email

Reporting and verification

Practices must complete the QI monitoring template & self-declare that they have completed the activity described in QI plan.

  • Download reporting template

    • Practices must complete this QI monitoring template in relation to this module and self-declare that they have completed the activity described in their QI plan

    • Practices must also self-declare that a minimum of two peer review meetings have been attended