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 In NCL NHS Primary Care we want everyone to feel valued and respected at work and to know that their views are welcomed.  

 Our Freedom to Speak Up Guardians support staff to speak up when they feel that they are unable to do so by other routes. They ensure that people who speak up are thanked, that the issues they raise are responded to, and make sure that the person speaking up receives feedback on the actions taken. 

For more information about the Freedom to Speak Up national policy, guidance and planning tool – Please visit Freedom to Speak Up

Raising and escalating a concern in your organisation 

If you have a concern about a risk, malpractice or wrongdoing in your workplace, we hope you feel able and supported to raise it. In the first place, we encourage you to raise it internally, which gives us the best chance of addressing your concern.  

The steps below provide a simple process for raising and escalating a concern should you need to. We are always happy to receive feedback about this process. 

Step one 

If you have a concern we hope you will feel able to raise it first with your immediate supervisor. This may be done face to face, over the phone or in writing. 

Step two 

If you feel unable to raise the matter with your immediate supervisor, for whatever reason, please raise the matter with the Practice Manager or GP Partner/Principal. 

Step three 

If these channels have been followed and you still have concerns, or if you feel that the matter is so serious that you cannot discuss it with any of the above, please contact our local Freedom to Speak up Guardian: 

Dr Dominic Roberts

I am a GP and Clinical Director for the ICB. I am happy to hear from staff at all practices with NCL who want to raise unresolved concerns to help improve standards for patients and staff. Speaking up is a positive step to help make thing better for all. Please don’t be afraid to speak up.